The Elaine Kim Collection is dedicated to sustainability in choice of fabrics and in the longevity of products offered. Making clothes wisely and for the long term are ever-improving goals.

However, another aspect of our business is our support for the restoration of natural eco-systems and spreading the word about the importance of native plants.

Working from Elaine Kim’s Laurel Canyon home and with the help and support of the Theodore Payne Foundation, the Elaine Kim Collection is actively encouraging responsible and sustainable landscaping.

  • Native plants are naturally hardy and low maintenance.
  • Native plants provide shelter and food for native wildlife.
  • Native plants require much less water, fertilizer, and pesticides.
  • Native plants can help decrease pollution because they eliminate the need for mowers.
  • Native plants are mostly drought-tolerant.
  • Native plants connects you to your local natural environment.
  • Native plants add splendor to your landscape.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, please join the monthly native gardening meetings hosted by Elaine Kim. To get you started with your patch of nature, we will happily gift you several native seedlings propagated in our company nursery.

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Wherever you live in the world, there is an opportunity for re-wilding, even in urban environments. This fosters the return of native fauna and puts you back in touch with nature.

Elaine Kim for the Elaine Kim Collection