Musings on Tech Stretch

The core of our line, season after season, remains our tech stretch pant. Or, as they’ve become more casually known, the leggings.
We are slightly averse to using the word legging to describe this pant, though. Not only because we’ve expanded our use of the fabric over the years, but because the idea of reducing these pieces to leggings feels like a disservice.
Clothing - Musings on Tech Stretch

Our Japanese tech stretch fabric offers so much more than does a basic legging. It’s a substantial fabric, luxe and dense. It tailors beautifully, and hangs on the body in a way that allows for movement, for the range of motion required by our daily lives.

The material itself is flattering in a way that is unexpected with a stretchy material. It’s sleek -- which is why it translates so well to a suit. We know, the initial reaction to a suit made of our tech stretch is slight apprehension. Pants, yes, but a blazer? Yes! It works, and it works beautifully.

The reaction to the tech stretch is universal -- women touch it and immediately nod. They immediately want to try it. The breadth by which we use this fabric is a perfect example of our customers telling us what they want.

Over the years, this fabric has been cut into many styles. Cropped pants for everyday, a skinny with an ankle zip; the restraint of which makes it luxe and versatile. We introduced a chino that has a fly and pockets -- a style that doesn’t totally conform to the body the way one would assume a stretch fabric must. The blazer, dress, and skirt have also become staples in our wardrobes.

Clothing - Musings on Tech Stretch

The fabric skims the body in a way that is wildly flattering; it’s figure following, not tightly hugging — a material that holds you in and enhances you ever so subtly. Tech stretch pieces also travel well; the fabric simply doesn’t wrinkle. We relish the feeling of being able to hop off a flight in a full suit without sacrificing the comfort necessary for travel.

We find that a tech stretch piece always feels appropriate, regardless of the occasion. Wearing tech stretch feels like a silent, secret revolt in defiance of the idea that one must suffer for fashion. This is what thoughtful design feels like - genuine, livable comfort.

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