Shosa Origami Leather Wallet Long | Elaine Kim Studio

Shosa Origami Leather Wallet Long

$ 280.00

This simple yet innovative wallet is luxuriously made of one piece of high-quality leather that is folded in the style of origami. Inspired by Fukusa, a Japanese courtesy of gift wrapping, this excellent product combines the amazing traditions of Japan with a modern sensibility.

The bills fit nicely, the coin compartment is easy-to-use, and it has plenty of card slots with covers. When you open up your wallet, the inside cannot be seen and will leave a smart and chic impression.

The real Japanese leather used for this wallet is made of a method that takes about 5 times more time than usual. Compared to normal leather, this leather is able to äóìbreatheä_ which helps avoid mold, the cause of aging in leather.

  • Imported, made in Tokyo
  • Size: W190í„H105í„D20mm
  • Coin Pocket í„ 1, Bill Compartment í„ 1 Card Slot í„ 8
  • Please understand that small scratches, lines and color variability are all charm points of real leather.
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