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  • Tear Drop Laria - silver / os
    Tear Drop Lariat - Brass Coated

    Teardrop Lariat

    $ 155.00

    The maximalist's response to the dainty lariat - the triple chain lariat! This necklace can make a statement on its own with bold chains and chunky...

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  • Fringe Necklace - silver / os
    Fringe Necklace - Brass Plated

    Fringe Necklace

    $ 295.00

    This dramatic necklace will liven up any outfit with its long metal fringe and golden hue. We can't help but to get movin' and groovin' with this p...

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  • 3 Circle Drop Earring - silver / o/s
    3 Circle Drop Earring - Brass Plated

    3 Circle Drop Earring

    $ 95.00

    Good things come in 3's, like these triple circle drop earrings. Organic without being floral, these dangling post earrings are elegant and fun!

  • Double Circle Lariat - silver / os
    Double Circle Lariat - Brass Plated

    Double Circle Lariat

    $ 155.00

    This lariat necklace is simple and modern. The molten loops evoke a sensual and sophisticated feeling when worn. Wear it alone or layered for drama!

  • Thick Chain Necklace - silver / o/s
    Thick Chain Necklace- Brass Plated

    Thick Chain Necklace

    $ 235.00

    This bold curb chain necklace will be all the bling you need! But don't be afraid to pile on the gold for a red carpet ready party look!

  • Thick Chain Bracelet - silver / os
    Thick Chain Bracelet - Brass Plated

    Thick Chain Bracelet

    $ 185.00

    This oversized curb chain bracelet adds a tough flair to any outfit. Looks great alone or stacked!

  • Expandable Thick Beaded Small Bracelet - silver / os
    Expandable Thick Beaded Small Bracelet - Brass Plated

    Expandable Thick Beaded Small Bracelet

    $ 115.00

    Short wavy bars strung on elastic make this bracelet and easy and comfortable fitting piece that plays well alone and with others.

  • Double Ring - silver / 6 - silver / 8
    Double Ring- Brass Plated - brass / 6 - brass / 7 - brass / 8

    Double Ring

    $ 90.00

    This ring is double the fun with its faux stacked shape! A gorgeous sculptural addition to any ring collection. Try wearing a few for a high powere...

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  • Large Hoop Earring with Knot - silver / os
    Large Hoop Earring with Knot - Brass Plated

    Large Hoop Earring with Knot

    $ 90.00

    Forget-me-knot with these open back hoops! Large enough to make a statement, but simple enough to wear with your minimalist wardrobe.

  • Oval Pendant Earrings - silver / os
    Oval Pendant Earrings - Brass Plated

    Oval Pendant Earrings

    $ 95.00

    These oval hoops comes with an additional pendant - wear them on the earrings for some extra dangle, or strung onto your own necklace to wear as a ...

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  • Small Round Earrings - silver / os
    Small Round Earrings- Brass Plated

    Small Round Earrings

    $ 75.00

    This lightweight small circles are great everyday earrings. Great for when you just need a little something to compliment a statement necklace with...

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  • Wide Band Ring - silver / 7
    Wide Band Ring - Brass Plated

    Wide Band Ring

    $ 95.00

    This sleek and minimalist ring is a statement on its own, try it as a a knuckle ring too!

  • Open Wide Circle Ring - silver / 7 - silver / 8
    Open Wide Circle Ring - Brass Plated

    Open Wide Circle Ring

    $ 90.00

    Make space for this open circle ring. It follows the body's natural curves beautifully!

  • Expandable Slim Beaded Wide Bracelet - silver / os
    Expandable Slim Beaded Wide Bracelet - Brass Plated

    Expandable Slim Beaded Wide Bracelet

    $ 175.00

    This elastic bracelet is our kind of arm candy. Slim golden hued beads are stacked together for an armor like look.

  • Expandable Thick Beaded Large Bracelet - silver / os
    Expandable Thick Beaded Large Bracelet - Brass Plated

    Expandable Thick Beaded Large Bracelet

    $ 175.00

    Add a little texture to your wrists with this elastic bracelet featuring waved beads stacked together for a bold statement accessory.