Roy Chambray Short Jacket-Jacket-Elaine Kim-Ocean-Elaine Kim Studio

Roy Chambray Short Jacket

$ 395.00

Randall Chambray Long Coat-Coat-Elaine Kim-Washed Black-Elaine Kim Studio

Randall Chambray Long Coat

$ 495.00

Queeton Stretch Cotton Blazer-Jacket-Elaine Kim-Desert-Elaine Kim Studio

Queeton Stretch Cotton Blazer

$ 395.00

Ringo Silk Bomber Jacket-Jacket-Elaine Kim-Elaine Kim Studio

Ringo Silk Bomber Jacket

$ 455.00

Robin Tech Stretch Jean Jacket-Jacket-Elaine Kim-Elaine Kim Studio

Robin Tech Stretch Jean Jacket

$ 395.00

Ray Tech Stretch Long Jean Vest-Vest-Elaine Kim-Elaine Kim Studio

Ray Tech Stretch Long Jean Vest

$ 395.00

Rainsi Jersey Coat-Coat-Elaine Kim-Elaine Kim Studio

Rainsi Jersey Coat

$ 325.00

Rufus Leather Jacket with Tech Stretch Side Panel Detail-Jacket-Elaine Kim-Black-Elaine Kim Studio

Rufus Leather Jacket with Tech Stretch Side Panel Detail

$ 875.00

Montgomery Leather Envelope Jacket-Jacket-Elaine Kim-Gold Perforated-Elaine Kim Studio

Montgomery Leather Envelope Jacket

$ 875.00

Oasis Leather Moto Jacket-Jacket-Elaine Kim-Elaine Kim Studio

Oasis Leather Moto Jacket

$ 895.00